Which Handbags Have Made it this Summer

Which Handbags Have Made it this Summer



A new season deserves a new handbag, but with so many on the market today it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Make this task a little less complicated and check out the trendy bags below, which have been carefully rounded up for this year's summer.

The Mini Bag


This trend has been in for a while now and also pretty strong and will certainly not be going anywhere, especially now that it has made it to this year's trend. Even though a little bag may seem like it cannot fit much in, it will never affect your reputation and will surely take care of your spare change, hair grips, as well as receipts. A smaller bag not only allows you to enter the designer world with little investment but also boasts many popular styles and colors you can happily choose from.

The Basket Bag


These certainly made their mark in 1970 and have made it to this years trend in a way that's bigger and better. The charming straw material might appear non-luxurious to be wearing; however, this trend has its own uniqueness and promotes both versatility and stylishness as well as giving the wearer a distinct appearance. Whether you choose the body style basket bag, hand held basket bag or even a large tote, this fail-safe option will look equally beautiful on a summer brunch as well as an exquisite seaside holiday.

Fringe and Tassels


The tassel and fringe trim bags are an enduring style and will definitely help you return to the fashion fold. This summer is no exception so be sure to adapt this western inspired beauty and elevate your appearance in an instance. This charmer was seen on Altuzzara, Giorgio Armani, and Elie Saab. The fringe and tassel style for this season is perfect for an everyday look and comes complete with bristling as well as a touch from the seventies flair.


Okay, so you have come across jelly shoes, bucket hats, and even chokers, but bumbags?? These are the latest and most unexpected trend from the 90s and come fully packed with fashion. The summer trend of bumbags this summer are super-chic and manufactured with utilitarian canvas packs as well as leather belts. Adapt the contemporary look and for best results wear above a lovely floral dress.


A bag that will match all your outfits may be difficult but is not impossible. This tall task has just been made easier thanks to the 80s inspired metallic bags. Once upon a time, these were a dangerous choice; however, the silver and gold shades of gunmetal have very quickly become number one for many girls. Whichever style and shade you choose, the promising trend will never let you down and will give you multiple style points instantly. The addition of this charmer is something you will never regret as it will always take your look one step further.