Transitioning from Winter to Spring Fashion

Alas, the sun is out and the sky is clear of clouds again. The snow can still be felt everywhere but not too visible on the road or on top of your home’s roof anymore. It’s time to put your winter clothes away and take out your spring clothes. The blooming colorful flowers around call for lighter, lesser layers and more comfortable clothes to move around and appreciate the change of season. 

Starting with lighter colors, you can welcome the Spring season with a refreshing look but of course, we still have to take account of the fact that we need to keep ourselves warm especially early in the morning, late at night and for when there is a squall. I know right? Mother Nature. A coat and a scarf are still one of the most important pieces for this season but try to refrain from black ones. A khaki coat of any style can go a long way because you can pair it with almost anything like floral dresses and even retro dresses too for it evens out the prints and at the same time, keeps your body protected from strong winds outdoors. If you’re not into coats, you can always go for a classic way of styling your floral dress of any style with a big scarf wrap around your neck. Again, the colors of each piece on top of each other will define the kind of Spring fashion you’re going for.

It’s certainly still okay to wear black stockings during this season, so long as you have non-black pieces on top of it so you won’t look like you’re stuck in the winter season. Besides, this is actually the best time to have fun wearing those colored stockings underneath your mini skirts as you stay fashionable and appropriately dressed for the weather. Just make sure that it’s allowed in your workplace or school, otherwise, just stick to black, light black and skin tone stockings and then go ahead and play with floral skirts, skater skirts or short pants jeans for when you are staying out on a casual day. The key pieces for this fashion style are warm, comfortable shoes such as light sneakers paired with a scarf and a hat because you can put them on when it’s getting cold and easily take them off when it’s getting warmer. 

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Nowadays, we see a lot of minimalist fashion style so if floral and too much prints on your clothes are not your thing, a monotone from head to toe can still be a hit when the Spring season comes. It’s actually one of the very classic pieces you can wear because it’s easier to dress down or dress up by simply adding some accessories. Also, your bag or your shoes can be emphasized over the plain canvass of your minimalistic attire so it will help to put the focus away from your body frame. These are just a few basic points to keep you properly styled in this season so of course, you can experiment and turn on your own mode to enjoy the blooms and blossoms of Spring.