Spring is the happiest season of the year!

The Spring season this year might have been the best season for everyone to get dressed for practically almost any occasions in the most playful and colorful way. Imagine how much fashion trends we’ve been through last year that has been carried on this year in and out of the country. Take for instance the famous checkered design that can come in different sizes, color and not to mention the styles.
In South Korea, Gingham-anything is a fashion trend that not only teenagers get obsessed with but anyone can own a top or skirt and make it easily go with casual clothes to semi-formal attires. The gingham dress with a bigger checkered design can take you to the beach on a breeze while the ones with smaller checkered designs can be worn underneath a formal jacket, cardigan or a blazer for a formal look. And get this, you can even shop a gingham pair of shoes, sling bags, baseball caps and no one knows what else. Red roses on footwear have been a favorite for most fashionistas recently and it gives a lot of character to simple espadrilles, sandals, wedges and of course, white sneakers.
Your journey to have a minimalist fashion can be saved by sling bags that screams of Spring season with vibrant colors, customized designs, and unique cuts. I personally know someone who lives by all whites or all grays and carries around a satchel for a pop of color all throughout the Spring season. In case you’re into darker shades, any contrasting color can give a little touch of structure to any set of your attire and can help ease your way to this colorful season of the year. If jeans and simple tops are your thing, playing with sandals and your shoes can make a lot of difference. To complete your ensemble, hats, beanies and caps can be worn when the sun starts to shine and you have to be outdoors. It can also be helpful to keep you warm when there’s a sudden drop of temperature in some areas where it’s used to be freezing during the winter season. Another alternative to accessories your attire without overdoing it is cashmere scarves that can be a pop of color as well if you have to be in a business meeting in the morning and will spend the rest of the day with your colleagues. 
Whatever your fashion preference is for the Spring season, it should be something that would make you want to go outdoors after choosing to stay on the couch for the most part of the winter season. The feeling of not having to think how and what to layer to protect yourself from the cold because you need to run an errand or meet up with friends is something you’ll have to worry for next year. Wearing light clothes with a bit of colors and comfortable to be worn everywhere should be one of the many reasons to be excited to get going as you start your day. Check out the Lax website for the new arrivals this Spring!