How to be organized in the office

There are many instances when our productivity at work is halted due to one tiny mistake that could have been avoided: organization. If you've ever been in a situation where you are pressed for time and was about to submit some documents but couldn't find the stock of papers for printing, staples to fasten some papers or put the documents together in a folder but couldn't do so because, well, you couldn't find that tiny office essential, you're not alone. Some people organize their stuff at work on a regular basis based on their need to do so and their personality. Here's some tips to help you organize your life in the office on a daily basis or whatever works for you.


1. Set your work environment as you set your physical looks.


Your workspace says a lot about you so even if you're all set from head to toe if you have a messy table, your co-workers will still look at you as someone slobby. You can get stylish water bottles such as The Flat Minimalistic water bottle or personalized ones like portable water bottles and "My Bottle" Water Bottle in a bag for your beverages that you can shamelessly bring on your office table, same goes for some lunch boxes to keep your snacks fresh. Desk pens and pencil organizers, metal storage baskets, and clear drawers are now a thing as an office essential so you don't have to worry about having a small space because every piece of your office essentials has their own place. In fact, there are hundreds of traditional and basic office necessities that have been transformed into something decorative to make it look like they all form a single theme in your office. Take for example the Ctrl Alt Del Cups for your coffee that could be a centerpiece on any table in the office when not in use so you won't have to worry about buying a plastic storage box to hide them. 


2. Label matters big time


When every storage, cabinets or boxes is labeled, there is a high chance that not only you but everyone in the room will put everything back to its original place, where every little piece like pens, clips, and staplers belong. This is a very crucial habit that can be easily taken for granted but can destroy your time management and your budget for office supplies because you sometimes tend to buy something that's necessary for the time being but only God knows where at the time you needed it the most. Be creative when labeling so your office space won't look like you're working in a warehouse with all of your company stocks by using stickers, letters or just colored tapes as markings. Check out some of our great office essential collection maybe you would like to update your office!


3. Clear desk, clear mind


Your office should only have the basic essentials to keep you focused and productive so steer clear of old magazines, documents for archives and outdated decors. Light Desk Lamp with Clip for Laptop, Linen pillowcases for throw pillows and picture frames can give that positive vibe with maximum functionality because you know that you'll make use of them. If you're into statement stuff, you can throw in some luxury glitter pens, Crystal Signature Gel Pens, and ballpoint pens to have something going on in the middle of some common, usual supplies. While you're at it, Humidifiers and Diffusers can also help to make your office look and feel homey because it clears the stuffy air inside a small room and operates to reduce stress on a busy day.