Girls with a Leggings Addiction

Girls with a Leggings Addiction

Leggings are surely a girl's best friend. Not only do they provide supreme comfort, but they flawlessly go with all looks and outfits. However, no matter how amazing they are, they still come with some downsides, just like all things we absolutely adore! When you find out you have a leggings addiction, you surely must have come across the following struggles sometimes in life.

Struggles One to Five

  • Seeing a hole in your leggings is pure disaster. Your pair that was always perfect for all wears and has the perfect stretch and was not see-through now has a hole in it... What do you do? DISASTER! Usually, you wear them anyway and take the risk with the obsession of not wanting anyone to see them; constantly worrying about the hole, whole day! No matter what, you won't let your favourite pair go just like that.
  • Having a fast shower and having to change into leggings is a nightmare especially if your legs are still damp... UGH! You will have them sticking to your legs and you will be there for almost AGES pulling them up and fixing them from the sides, up, down... From all places!
  • Applying lotion before putting on leggings... Are you serious?
  • Washing a new pair of leggings, waiting for these to dry and finding out they have turned see-through... Nightmare!
  • Okay, so these were definitely not see-through yesterday. They can't be as you have just purchased them. It is another disaster when you find out when it's too late that your leggings have turned sheer. This usually happens when you're at a place you have no alternative clothing, which makes you very cautious when walking around area with very bright, fluorescent lighting.

Struggles Six to Ten

  • Working out with leggings may feel comfortable and make you feel super-sexy... However, going to the toilet after a workout and pulling those leggings back up can be trouble... Especially for those who sweat incredibly after working out!
  • Another trouble with wearing leggings whilst working out is they will stink after the workout, so chances are you cannot wear them again until they have had a good wash!
  • When it comes to the end of the day and you want to get into those comfy PJs you cannot take off those leggings without having to turn them inside out... Right? Not because you have big feet, oh no! The bottom of the leggings will never slide over the feet, which means you just pull them off from the top!
  • If you're looking for a specific pair of leggings, you will never find them... Fact! Even though they all look the same in appearance, but you as the wearer surely know the difference between each and every pair. One may have the perfect material whilst another has a waistband that's loose. Only you know!

Struggles Eleven and Twelve

  • If you are looking for a pair of leggings and cannot find it, this calls for getting out an old pair, which is usually on-sight anyway! This can haunt you all day and whenever the material irritates you or the waistband slips down, that's you're best mood gone down the drain for the day!
  • Finally, the disaster of wearing real clothes when all your leggings are in the wash! Real clothes can mean anything, even jeans! Not that this is not a nightmare, but if you're addicted to leggings, then it kind of is.