Points To Remember When Building Your Wardrobe

Building a wardrobe | blogs | thelaxboutique.com

Building a reliable wardrobe can be a daunting project for beginners but it will become a go-to spot for you instead of running into the abyss of shopping malls when you have to attend an occasion or event where you have to be presentable and appropriately dressed. First off, find the color that suits you best or the shade of color that gives you energy and makes you confident in dresses, jeans, and shoes. It could be 1-2 colors, single color with different shades or even the complete tone of the rainbow. What matters is, you are confident when you are wearing that color and it easily represents your style and personality. This is severely important, especially when buying pieces like pants, coutures and expensive pieces. 

For others, branded apparels make a dependable wardrobe but for some, comfort and fitting are one of the keys to remember before making a purchase. Investing in basic pieces is easier said than done if you are thinking of long-term and a steady closet. Take for example the infallible white plain top on almost everything like pleated skirts, pencil skirts, midi skirts and even ripped jeans that can always guarantee your lazy self to still be fashionable. Your personality and lifestyle are also one of the many factors to consider so you can ensure to keep your own identity while enjoying your journey of establishing your personal collection at home. Yes, it’s a journey and changes along the way are completely acceptable and a natural way of finding your style and fashion sense. However, building your wardrobe’s foundation can save you when you chance upon anything on Sale for you will not go gaga over garments that can only last for a few washes and can quickly go out of style because you have already framed a picture of your wardrobe’s future.

Building your wardrobe | Blogs | thelaxboutique.com

For instance, why wreck your month’s budget to get the look of your favorite celebrity when you can get a hold of that off shoulder dress stretch with matching the genuine leather bag with a lock from reputable stores such as Lax Boutique online. Even if you have the latest clothing line from the mainstream brands, if it doesn’t go with anything else in your closet, it will only add up to the pile of clothes you have that you will never wear again.

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Branded or unbranded, focus on the quality and possible usage of that dress, bags or shoes into your role in your family and career who are the people you will be spending most of your time with. In most cases, our need to dress up or dress down are occasions that are aligned with the people surrounding us. If you have a hippie circle of friends, the clean and minimalist look won’t do. If you are working around children and parents all the time, you wouldn’t want to be dressed in a revealing and loud colors so it’s actually helpful, but not necessary to map out the events, occasions and even upcoming travels that you will have for the entire year as you move along with the accretion of your wardrobe. Goodluck!