Basic Clothing Care

The chances of your beloved pieces of clothing to be handed down to your grandkids as a vintage will highly depend on how you take care of them at the moment. Generally, I would just follow the care instructions on the tag and make sure that I have already iron them out before letting them sit in my closet until I feel like wearing them again. If I decided not to wear a specific piece of clothing for this year, I will store them in a plastic storage box with the other clothes of the same color or fabric. 
Now, the challenging part is when after a week or so when I didn’t wear a couple of pieces in my closet, some parts of the garments tend to become yellowish. I have 2 favorite black tops with white collar and the other one has a white hemline attached so as to look like I am wearing layered clothes that turned off-white. I normally separate these when I am doing my laundry but if I will bleach the white part, the black part of it will definitely be disposed and ruined. I ended up soaking the white part while I leave the black part dry for less than 4 hours. I used 1mL of bleach to half the basin of water and then rinse with pure water with two washes. It smelled bleach-free after drying and ironing out so I was happy that I didn’t have to send them to the laundry shop or ask my mother to do it for me but of course you can also do that. The point is, it all comes down to how you wash your clothes; machine or hand wash, how often, and the kinds of detergent you’re using that will determine how long they will last. I have pieces from fast fashion brands like basic cardigans, hoodies pullover, bunch of dresses and jeans that still look good as new, I even resell them online successfully. 
In my opinion, fabric softeners do make the fabrics soft and maintain color on clothes especially for the ones we wear on a regular basis. For pieces that don’t require washing, spraying fabric softener mixed with a quarter of water is one of the many clothing care hacks that really works. Whenever I’m going out and don’t have time to iron my clothes, I just spray this mixture on wrinkled areas and I am good to go. If you’re really meticulous, you can pour a little amount on a small spray bottle so you can carry it around and be ready to look pressed anytime. Although I have heard some stories of very strong fabric softener that ruined some clothes, I am pretty sure this is when you put too much or directly on a garment. 
The kinds of hangers you use in your closet can also greatly affect the form of your clothes so make sure that you use the ones that don’t leave dents or marks on the shoulder. Some fabrics ‘grow’ when hanged for a long time such as pullover sweaters, knitted cardigans, and man-made fabrics. They can be folded or rolled instead to keep its shape perfectly. 
At first, it may seem to be a lot of work but if you make it a habit to properly care for your precious clothes, it will become a part of your routine and who knows, maybe you won't have to shop as often as you used to because they all looked recently bought.